Domenico Gioia

Web designer and developer

Architect and designer, image and communication consultant for various national and international companies; he is also a communication consultant for the municipality of Eboli; he taught "Brand Identity" at the National Institute of Design; he has worked as a creative director for Whitepaper, a company of integrated communications for which he took charge of projects to promote tourism of the area for several municipalities in Salerno such as: Contursi Terme, Pollica Castellabate Lustra, Serramezzana, Casal Velino Perdifumo San Mauro Cilento.

Barbara Kornfeld

Author of the texts on this site, except for "The Miracle in Santomenna"

She has made her competence available for many products released by national and international television networks such as Mediaset, RAI, ZDF, BBC, Discovery Channel. She is now president of the cine-tourist CTG Discotea, specialized in international cultural exchanges. She is artistic director for the documentary section of the Italian Film Festival of Miami (USA). She plans public announcements to promote the territory.

Franco Mario Arminio

Author of poems and the original, unpublished texts of the dramatic performance

He writes for the "Manifesto", and "Il Fatto Quotidiano" and entertainer in the blog "Comunità Provvisorie". He has also collaborated with "Il Mattino". Yet, he is a documentary filmmaker and animator of civil wars, fighting, for example, against the installation of dumping grounds in the Upper Irpinia and against the closure of the hospital in Bisaccia.

Quintino Di Vona


He collaborates with “Le Cronache” - Salerno, TGR RAI 3 Campania, Comunità Italiana (a monthly review, Rio de Janeiro - Brazil), StileTV, Italia 2 TV, the Camera dei Minori of Salerno (Association of Lawyers of Salerno), Quotidiano Medicina (Telecolore). He collaborated with Cronache del Mezzogiorno, Roma – Cronache di Salerno, Cronache del Salernitano, Le Cronache, Comunità Italiana, Uno Web TV.

Cinthia Vargas


She collaborates with Le Cronache – Salerno, Comunità Italiana (monthly review, Rio de Janeiro – Brasile), Stile TV, Italia 2 TV. She also collaborated with “Cronache del Mezzogiorno”, Roma – “Cronache di Salerno”, “Cronache del Salernitano”, “Le Cronache”, “Comunità Italiana”, Uno Web TV.

Massimiliano Voza

Cardiologist and geriatrician physician, he is currently Director of Cardiac Surgery at the Complex Cardiology and Coronary Intensive Care Unit at the Oliveto Citra Hospital (SA). He has authored numerous scientific publications in national and international journals, and is co-author of medical textbooks. Conscientious objector. Pacifist. AlterMondist, particularly active in the Middle East, where he took part in numerous international delegations- as an international observer -and also in health missions with Legambiente, Mezzaluna Rossa Kurdistan Italia Onlus and the Rojava Calling; he has given several interviews to TV, websites and national and international newspapers on the situation in the Middle East; he has written a report on the healthcare situation in Kurdistan on behalf of "Il Manifesto". He has held various positions of representation: student representative, city councilman, assessor and chairman of the board of the Mountain Community “Alto e Medio Sele”. In May 7, 2007 he was elected mayor of Santomenna for five years from 2012 to 2017 taking on, as commitment, among other things, to re-evaluate the history, culture and tourist potential of the country, through the creation and the coordination of this project, and through the writing of texts for this site, considering it as part of his own function.